From the series Data Manipulation, Sonic Topography, installation view, artist's studio, Miami, Florida, 0:02:25 min video projection, December 25th, 2022. Photo © Alian Rives' StudioAs anti-government protests spilled onto the streets in Cuba on July 11, something strange was happening on the airwaves. Amateur radio operators in the United States found that parts of the popular 40-meter band swamped with grating signals. Florida operators reported loudest than regular signals, enough to make communication with hams in Cuba impossible. Other operators in South America, Africa, and Europe also reported hearing the signal and triangulation software that anyone with a web browser tries to place the source of the signals as emanating from Cuba.Cuba has a long history of interfering with broadcast signals, with several commercial radio stations in Florida allowed to operate at higher-than-normal power levels to combat jamming. But these new mystery signals appeared to be intentionally targeting amateur radio transmissions. This video projection uses some of these experienced noise sounds to create an abstracted point cloud data dramatization.