Deconstruction After Rodchenko, animation view, Wolfson Campus (MDC), Downtown Miami, 00:02:12 min animation, December 13th, 2020. Photo © Alian Rives' Studio

Constructivism sought to transform society via art through his aesthetic political inclination. It exalted technology and industrial development. Rodchenko and other Constructivist artists aimed to create a democratic aesthetic based on the new revolutionary soviet program. He wanted to create a universal language, an anti-bourgeois movement for the working class. However, that attempt was unsuccessful, for the working class did not comprehend the highly intellectual abstracted nature of the Constructivist principle. Contradictory to Constructivist precepts, this procedural animation is a machine interpretation of one of Rodchenko's posters. Its abstracted nature constructed with computational processes comments on our inability to understand or comprehend every aspect of our reality. This utopia in that society can be made flawless is overly idealistic and impractical.